Globalgasm is usually EVERY SUNDAY @ 9pm PST.

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Any sexually alive person can participate in Globalgasm.

A webcam and partner are NOT required.

But this IS a participatory event. No spectators!

Physically, it takes place all over the world! We have participants in Australia, Europe, Asia, and more.

Digitally, we gather and meet in the Globalgasm Video Chat Lounge
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(MOST IMPORTANT) starts at 8:30ish

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If you are adventurous and an exhibitionist, share your orgasm on webcam.

"Globalgasm's History"
by Halcyon


Globalgasm has been the subject of an MTV documentary as well as a British Chanel 4 documentary. It was mentioned in the May 2002 "Jane" magazine.

*** was named one of Shift Magazine's top 100 sites:

"Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if we all started each month with a big, juicy, rafter-shaking orgasm? The good folk at Globalgasm think so. Hence the "global orgy" they host on the first of every month. Drop by next time and check out the webcam feeds of couples (and singles) getting it on all over the world. Of course, if you've got your own cam… "


"Part public service announcement, part voyeur cam, this site is the world's first virtual orgy! That's right, on the first of each month globalgasm "organizes" a worldwide sex-fest and encourages people to tune in and turn on. Watch other couples get it on and/or turn the camera on yourself then join the others in a global fuck chat.... "


"I admit, I was intreagued in a "cool, but not for me" kinda way. The more I talked to Halcyon and others, the more I realized, this wasn't a 'I wanna watch you and *$&#$% myself' kinda thing... this was a full out world wide release of energy in a form that is all good and pure, healthy, and enjoyable.

So... I decided to partake in the experience. Not on cam mind you, but the thought of sooo many other people in so many different places participating in a global orgasm... well, it astounded me, to say the least. I didn't expect to feel what I did... the full force of global unity, so many people going through the same feeling at the same time, with me but apart from me... It was quite amazing actually.

My mental state after the fact was thoroughly improved and expanded, in ways that are hard to describe and harder to dismiss. I know, for that brief moment in time, I was completely in sync with the planet. Sound strange? a little unbelievable? well, try it and then tell me you didn't feel the same. I know, the first day of every month for the rest of my time on this planet, I'll be clearing my schedule for this event. I encourage you to do the same. Not like you wouldn't be doing it anyway ;) "


"Hey! I had an awesome time last night at Globalgasm. Speaking for myself, it was one of the most exciting times I've had in a long while. Once everything got rolling, the gasm's worked up the whole neighborhood. The real time sounds were excellent! Nothing like the sound's of sexual arousal…. The second I woke up I could already tell that this world is a Lil better to live in.
My Lady and I can hardly wait to participate on the 1st of June! We just may have to do a bit of practicing in the interim."

- Steve, May 1st participant


"Achieving simultaneous orgasm might be a little tricky, but a guy in America has come up with an even bigger task: getting people right around the world to orgasm at the same time..."

Australia's Triple J Radio




Tantus Sillicone

Adam And Eve

Digital Intimacy Institute


Globalgasm is a weekly digital orgy with the intent of healing the planet

Imagine the entire world having sex at once!

To participate, simply have a orgasm at the designated time!

That shouldn't be too hard (pardon the pun). But don't think of it as "just" an orgasm...think of it as your role in a huge global release.

The world needs an injection of focused, positive, sexual energy. If we all do it at the same time, we can build off each other and elevate the vibe to an earth-shattering level.

Many of us do it in front of webcams so we actually share the experience visually. Regardless of where you release, we all share the experience spiritually. No matter where we are physically, we are all together in our minds.

Globalgasm is a collective expression of sexual healing (no disrespect to Marvin Gaye.)

Now, more than ever, the world could use some help. And if this all seems too new-agey for ya...heck, its certainly can't hurt.

To participate in spirit:

Sex with yourself, with a partner, with a toy, or whatever is your preferred path. (Of course masturbating counts!)But since Globalgasm *is* a special occasion, try to make it special. Put on something sexy, even if its just for you. Suggest a new fantasy to your partner. Use the "Holiday" as a chance to communicate about sex with people important to you.

"Of course masturbating counts!"

Most important is your mindset.

Think of the planet. Remember that you are a living part of this planet. Be conscious of the thousands of people world wide who are in the same mental space as you. Embrace your sexiness and do what comes naturally.


To attend the digital event:

ANYwebcam has created a Video Lounge for us to meet and connect webcams, etc. This is the hub for our global orgy.

Register (free)@

Audio Stream@

There will be a link to an audio stream. I'll talk for a bit, get us all in the same head space, then we pursue a path to sexual release by whatever means we like (with whomever we like.)

BUT even if we are *physically* alone, we are having a shared experience. When we climax, we try to do so consciously and focus the energy as positive light toward the planet. :)

There OLD instructions for setting up and participating here.


Look for a chat explanation and Q&A before the event gets going. Special guests will be the event hub and pace car.

2b.) If you have a webcam (and an exhibitionist streak), you can get your groove on (alone or with a partner) and let other participants see you. If you're less bold, you can wear a disguise, point the cam at your knees, or leave a static picture up.

2c) If you don't have a cam, or prefer your participation to be non-visual, you can still contribute to (and feed off of) the sexy vibe. We still want you masturbating or having sex at home, even if we can't see you. You don't have to have a cam to be a participant in the virtual orgy.

Whether your partner is the same sex, the opposite sex, a vibrator, or a skilled hand, YOUR PARTICIPATION IN GLOBALGASM IS NEEDED!

Let's shake the planet with a bliss tsunami.

Afterwards, if you don't collapse into sleep, we'll meet in the Lounge for post-coital cigarettes and chat until the flush leaves our faces.



Sex is good. Sexual release is energy release. We believe that kind of release is good not only for you, but for the planet. Imagine if the whole world climaxed at once. Well, that may be ambitious, but let's try to get as many people engaged in simulataneous sexual release as possible.

We could try to get us all in some huge auditorium. But that sounds cramped (not to mention messy). Hope to see you on there!